Who We Are

“The Golden Bird Foundation” is a registered NGO in India which works for educating and nourishing marginalized and vulnerable sections of our society. As an organization for social development, we are currently focusing on Central India as our development area. Founded on Valentine’s Day of 2012, we have established a prolific meaning to the day of love—Love for humanity.

The operations of TGBF are 100% in the hands of its volunteers who come from different backgrounds with a motive to serve the society, unanimously. As volunteers with TGBF, we are the soldiers of success for India. We are fighters for rights, empowerment and wellbeing. We are spread across six countries and are seeking association from all those who wish to impact the society positively with their skills and expertise.

We are congregated enthusiasts who are willing to make India “The Golden Bird” once again. We believe in equal rights and work upon building higher health and life aspects that enable every human being enjoy great opportunities. We aim to reach out to millions of people, as a catalyst for philanthropic individuals and organizations, for assisting with their potential to impact society. We connect every volunteer with our projects where they can put in their skills and talent and make their contribution count. We are committed to developing sustainable solutions to problems of life that make it worth living. We are impatiently optimists and that’s what makes us stand for the rights of those who need a helping hand in creating success stories. We are partners for solutions to problems, partners for success and partners for happiness in life. We are madly in love with human specie and dream to “let The Golden Bird fly again!”