Adult Computer Education:

TGBF - who we areWhile Indore is slowly turning its routes towards IT and technological advancements, for many it’s a distant dream. To make the dream come true for the blue color industrial workers, The Golden Bird Foundation joined hands with ‘Association Of Industries’ and are running computer classes for workers and slum adults in the evening at Polo Ground. From Microsoft Office basics to professional courses, we are opening the world of opportunities for this hard working class of the society.

Students Computer Education:

Preparing the young generation to face the technological challenges of tomorrow has been our main aim with this project. Our collaboration with ‘Association Of Industries is helping students get advanced computer education which can get them a better job. We provide quality computer education for the willing students who are unable to get it due to lack of financial resources. We are also providing 100% scholarship to the deserving children as a means of motivation.


Malnutrition is a major problem which both governments and NGO in India are dealing with. As per studies, every six out of ten children in Madhya Pradesh are malnourished. 88% of the population here is anaemic. Unfortunately, this is has been one of the major identities of the state. To reduce the problem to some extent, Dabur India Ltd. has joined hands with The Golden Bird Foundation with an understanding to work along for good health and well-being of people as their corporate social responsibility. As a regular fortnightly exercise, The Golden Bird Foundation distributes the refreshment products of Dabur to different orphanage homes and schools. The partnership is continuingly benefitting children of low socio-economic status.