How To Indulge

Indulge in a journey to “let The Golden Bird fly again!” You can work for The Golden Bird Foundation from the place you are located. We warmly welcome passionate people with high skills who are bold enough to stand for social causes to spread awareness on emerging issues. So roll up your sleeves and click on JOIN US button. We are waiting to get in touch with you.

The Golden Fellowship

for-studentFor volunteering with us you will not have to make radical changes in your routine, as we understand your life is busy, rather just have to share your skills for benefiting socially. With The Golden Bird Foundation you can devote as less as one hour a day or 6 hours a week as per your convenience and add your bit to a developing world. Join our fellowship program and get in touch with our volunteers to get to know more.

The Golden Internship

for-student“Give them a fish and you’ll feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you’ll feed them for life.” The time for you to do some good is right now. We are looking for passionate and dedicated leaders who are bold enough to take a stand for societal benefit. Be a part of our six week internship program whereby you will be spending 8 hours a day and embedding leadership qualities in yourself to be a part of this challenging business environment.

For Corporate Relationship

for-studentAt The Golden Bird Foundation, we appreciate your good heartedness and thought for giving back to the society as your corporate social responsibility. We ensure effective CSR to be a critical component of your business strategy. Our initiatives can be customized to be aligned with the values and beliefs of your organization so that your efforts reach the right people at right time for effective corporate social responsibility.


for-studentThe Golden Bird Foundation has opted for a scientific and practical approach to transforming operations of communities working to bring societal change. Our partners can be local foundation and organizations who share the same vision of being a catalyst of change. Join hands with us to identify, evaluate and enhance resources so as to overcome the challenges in the path of developmental opportunities for all.