Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

The Golden Bird Foundation has an ethnographic yet innovative approach towards its strategies for promoting and addressing social and environmental issues through its Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) initiatives. We work with conglomerated group of corporate and design customized events and projects which align with their values and beliefs for a holistic sustainable development.

Our main aim with Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) initiatives is to identify and maximize human potentials and promote strategies which help exploit such potential towards the growth of the country. Our initiatives are in-lined with your expertise area and we advice all our Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) partners to get associated with us in their proficient streams. Combined with your support we organize, structure and strategize events which leads to exponential achievements.
The Golden Bird Foundation is a Not-For Profit organization which attempts to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, skills and expertise towards the development of the vulnerable and marginal sections of the society and thereby addressing social issues. Since our establishment we have worked and are working with a number of corporate giants in different events for accomplishing their Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

Feeding India:

Our Feeding India project, aimed at removing malnutrition in India. Dabur India has been our major partner in this project fulfilling the daily nutrition needs of the children. Other partners include FYI, its Maggie, and The Chai Bar both specialty restaurants in Indore. Till date we have benefitted children from more than 17 orphanage schools and homes.

Computing India:

With our computing India Project, we have been able to make computer education affordable for many students coming from week financial backgrounds. It has also worked for educating people with vocational courses in computer from our adult computer education program where we focused on making Indore computer literate. Its an on-going project with our major partners Blue-Chip and CtrlF5.

Education Support:

Basic education is the right of every child. Government is also making efforts for the same. But deserving students should get access to higher education as well irrespective of their financial health. We ensure money is never a problem in education for a deserving and willing student. Our partners in this project include Billabong International School, who is supporting quality education for underprivileged children.

Health Care:

Indian health care system is poor in the sense that it is inaccessible to the majority of the population. With our Health care projects, we make sure that quality health care is available to every one. Along with our partner Gokuldas Hospital, we conduct free eye care camps at different locations in regular intervals considering the need. Our blood donation camps at Choithram Hospital and Research Center, Indore is a focused program which aims at filling the gap between donors and patients.