Areas We Serve

India is world’s largest democracy with optimum resources to turn itself into a super-powerful country. It’s growing at a pace which is spectacular to the world. But the growth and success should bring along equal opportunities for all the citizens, irrespective of their economical diversities. Though the government is coming up with reforming movements and policies, but the efforts seems to ask for more. The only solution to tackle it will be joining hands together and ensuring that India doesn’t risk squandering its massive potential.


One in every three malnourished children is from India. This makes India second in the world for children suffering from malnutrition. This problem certainly needs more focus and attention. We have initiated our Feeding India program which is aimed to create awareness and provide a healthy nutritious diet to children from marginal and vulnerable sections of the society. Working together on this we can generate a lasting impact and create greater achievements.

Health Care:

It is ironic to note that India- the world’s largest democracy has the most privatized health care system and the biggest chunk of patents. The healthcare infrastructure of the country lacks accessibility to a number of people which leaves them in the arms of greedy practitioner to load them with heavy bills. We organize free health care camps like blood donation and eye care camps in collaboration with the best hospitals of the country to make better health care facilities accessible to the grassroots level.


Thankfully, India stands second in the higher education network of the world. It requires no explanation as to the importance of education the life of a person. But having a large network doesn’t confirm literacy. Efforts are required to make the best education accessible to deserving irrespective of their social and economical status. With our programs “Education Support” and “Computing India”, we provide education support and computer education to the blue color workers and children from lower financial backgrounds.


Resource depletion, pollution or deforestation, there has been a mounting concern for such issues around the world, for they not only affect one country but has a global impact. The best solution can be awareness. The Golden Bird Foundation comes up actively for creating awareness among the local people by innovative awareness campaigns on different networks which are often least likely to be ignored.